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SAP MM Course



MM module (materials management) is a functional module used in procurement handling and inventory management. Usually, this module is integrated with other modules in an ERP such as SD (sales and distribution), PP (production planning) and QM (quality management). It has two important master data – material and vendor. Broadly, the various levels that can be defined for an MM implementation are:

  • Client
  • Company
  • Code
  • Plant
  • Storage location
  • Purchase organization

Also, MM module covers all tasks within the supply chain including:

  • Consumption-based planning
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Invoice verification

It also includes inventory and warehouse management and electronic Kaban and JIT (just in time) delivery is also supported.

MM module equips the student in:

  • Materials requirement planning
  • Supply planning
  • Forecasting
  • Logistics execution
  • Delivery processing
  • Picking
  • Packing
  • Handling units
  • Shipments
  • Warehouse management

After the course completion, the student can find jobs in:

  • Consulting
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Logistics
  • Shipping

Material Management

MM process will be covered explaining the Concept, Configuration, Master Data and Transaction Processing,

Questions and Answers.

Every day recap of the previous class Discussions and

Interview and Certificate questions shall be discussed

· ERP Overview

o Need for an Integrated Product

o ERP Concept

o What is SAP

o Evaluation of SAP

o System Landscape

o Navigation

· Materials Management Overview

o Procurement Cycle and Processes

o Inventory Management

o Inventory Control

1. Enterprise Structure

· Definitions

· Assignments

2. Master Data

· Material Master

· Vendor Master

· Purchasing Info Record

· Source list

· Quota arrangement

3. Purchasing

· Introduction to different Purchasing documents

· Classification of purchasing documents.

· Configuration and creation of purchasing documents.

· Purchase Requisition with and w/o source determination


· Purchase Order

o Procurement for Stock

o Procurement for Direct consumption

o Purchase order for Return indicator and Free goods

o PO completion Indicator and importance

o Preventing of Goods Receipt before date / later date

· Limit Orders / Blanket Orders

· Contracts

· Scheduling Agreements (With Release /Without Release) with JIT Profiles

· Release Procedure – Purchase Requisition and Purchase Order

· Creation of purchase orders automatically (Procurement Optimization)

· Planned delivery cost and unplanned delivery cost

· Tax code creation

· Stock Transport Order

o Intra-plant

o Inter-Plant

· Relevant Reports, Lists and Transaction codes

4. Pricing

· Defining condition types

· Condition tables

· Access sequence

· Condition technique

· Defining calculation schema and determination of schema

5. Inventory Management

· Plant Parameters for IM

· Movement Types - Significance and relevance

· Goods Movements (GR ,GI,TP)

· Reservations

· Stock transfer Vs transfer postings

· Material document cancellations and Reversals

· Inbound Deliveries

· Interplant Transfer

· Physical Inventory Proc

· Account postings.

· Batch Management

· Relevant Reports, Lists and Transaction codes

6. External Service Procurement

· Introduction to external services management.

· Creation of service master.

· Service PO

· Service entry sheet

· Acceptance of service entry sheet.

7. Material Requirement Planning / Consumption Based Planning

· MRP Types

· MRP Profiles

· MRP Groups

· MRP Run

· Re- Order Point Planning

8. Valuation

· Material Valuation

· Split valuation

· Configuration for split valuation.

9. Account Determination

· Introduction to account determination.

· Valuation class

· Account category reference

· Transaction event keys

· Valuation grouping code

· Configure settings and G/L account assignment.

10. Logistics Invoice Verification

· Invoice Process - Business Case

· Configuration

· Invoice Posting with different layouts

· Invoice Reduction

· Invoice Hold

· Invoice Parking

· Save as Invoice complete

· Credit Memo

· Subsequent Credit /Debit

· Invoice Blocking , Release

· Stochastic Block

· Taxes

· Planned delivery cost and unplanned delivery cost

· Multiple account assignments

11. Integration Scenarios

· MM-SD ( Third Party Order processing)

· Consignment , Pipe Line Process

· Sub-contracting Process

o With Own material

o With Vendor Material

o Third Party scenario

o By-products

o Subsequent Adjustments

· Evaluated Reseat Settlement (ERS)

  1. Warehouse Management
  • Basic configuration
  • Master Data
  • Strategies
  • Activates
  • Interfaces
  • Material Movement Process for IM
  1. CIN – Country Version India
  • Introduction
  • Tax procedures
  • Configuration
  • Master Data
  • Processing for Standard Procurement
  • Relevant Reports, registers and Transaction codes

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