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Careers at RGS IT Solutions

RGS IT Solutions is the place where work is treated as worship, we work hard with smart and result-oriented ideas. We consider that success comes not by own work but by team work. We is honestly believe that our success is because of our Staff excellent presentation and their skilled deeds.

RGS IT Solutions is grateful to inform that we in offer best training for  our employees by creating a healthy compensation between the staff and a wide-ranging agenda based on eligibility and knowledge.

RGS IT Solutions is an identical prospect for an Employer.

Want to continue your career with RGS IT Solutions? Look no further, Just forward curriculam vite to us for our our email address given below. If we find your proforma reaches to our requirement we will get back to you personally.

We are located in two country’s Geographically one is USA and other is India.

RGS Careers in USA:

We need a well skilled consultants in New Jersey and also in other parts of country.

RGS Careers in India:

We need skilled employees at our main branch located in Hyderabad. We also have couple of braches in Bangalore and Chennai too, so employee can be shifted to any of these three locations, if there is any need from employee perspective.

We give complete freedom to our employee in their work. We provide every employee with all basic need and facilities. This will help employees to gain job satisfaction.

Our motto is Work together, Struggle together and enjoy the success together.

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